Call for budget ideas

THE call’s gone out again for Vincent residents to help the local council decide how to spend its budget.

Back in 2016 the council ditched the old “here’s the budget, what do you think” method of consultation, which mayor

Emma Cole says didn’t deliver a great deal of community feedback.

Instead the council asked for community ideas before the budget was set in stone.

It resulted in 30 proposals from 50 ratepayers, compared to just three submissions in 2015.

Last year another 64 proposals came in, with 45 per cent making it into the budget and another 28 per cent deferred for later consideration.

Some of the ideas funded include the “Rae Street Play Street” trial of closing off the street to traffic to encourage kids outdoors, a kids’ request for a netball hoop at Menzies Park, upgrades to Forrest Park Playground, and the nature play area at Give Way Park (the local name for the spot at the corner of Scarborough Beach and Anzac Roads).

The layout’s pretty simple; they just want a few hundred words about the idea and how it fits in with the six budget priorities they’ve got this year. You can put in your ideas at or call 9273 6000

Bayswater council considered doing a similar participatory budgeting plan this year but councillors voted it down 6/5 (with Crs Sally Palmer, Chris Cornish, Brent Fleeton, Filomena Piffaretti, Barry McKenna and Elli Petersen-Pik opposed).

Cr Brent Fleeton said he didn’t want to “pass the buck” on budget decisions, saying the 11 councillors in the chamber were already paid to do that job on behalf of ratepayers.


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