Keep movin’

BELGRAVIA Leisure took over managing Vincent’s Loftus Recreation Centre a decade ago, but continues to look for new opportunities to improve the experience for seniors.

Recently it brought in three new groups aimed at getting seniors up and moving; a critical factor in living longer and happier.

Prime Movers is a community based non-profit organisation which holds low-impact classes for over-50s in an atmosphere that deliberately focuses on the social aspect.

With 5000 members between Quinns Rock in the North to Mandurah down south, they must have got the recipe right.

The program starts with a warm-up, stretching, low impact aerobics, muscle work and ends with a cool down and relax.

Light weights while getting the muscles working helps to slow down the effects of osteoporosis.

Prime Movers costs $15 for a yearly membership and just $3 a class, but if you’re not signed up yet, chuck in an extra dollar and try a class out. For more information check them out at

If your heart is telling you that you’re Fred Astaire but your knees are more Fred Flintstone, perhaps Scooters Modern Line Dancing is the place for you.

Dance routines, patterns and rhythms choreographed to modern music encourages positive and quick mental reactions that stimulate the memory every time a dance is performed.

Scooters is also a very social environment with professionally organised social events.

There’s new classes starting up this Tuesday April 3, which you can register for at

The Loftus Seniors Sessions are also designed to help get participants more flexible so they can get about with more ease each day.

The sessions boost energy, help maintain independence, protect your heart and manage the symptoms of illness or pain.

“Our Seniors Program is just one way that we ensure to aid health, independence and improve strength and stability within the older population,” says Belgravia’s programs manager Jess Godwin.

“In combination with groups such as Scooters Line Dancing and Prime Movers, the centre is such an enjoyable place to be on any given day.”

For more information on the Loftus Recreation Centre or any of its programs, call 9227 6526.

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