LETTERS 31.3.18

Unconventional treatment
THE Sydney Opera House is magnificent with its creativity of lighting.
It’s time Perth had an artist paint the rooftop of the bland Perth Convention Centre with either colourful Aboriginal art work or an array of West Australian wildflowers.
Not only would it enhance the beauty of the city, but also entice tourism.
Leeanne McKie
Alfred Cove

Time to change lanes
THE Department of Transport is planning to build a Safe Active Street (SAS) on Shakespeare Street Leederville.
This will link with the SAS that exists on this street north of Scarborough Beach Road. However, cycling data suggests that the return on this investment from this project is likely to be very low. If so, this will be a huge waste of scarce cycling infrastructure funds.
Cycling usage data suggests that Shakespeare St is not a popular route with local cyclists. For example, in a 30-minute period on the morning of Tuesday March 13, not a single person rode past me. Further up the street where the SAS has been in existence for two years, I counted three riders.
So even the argument ‘build it and they will come’ does not seem to apply in this case.
Compare this to Norfolk St, North Perth. On Tuesday March 6, I counted 12 riders using this street in an equivalent 30-minute period.
In addition to Norfolk St having higher numbers of cyclists, it is quite noticeable that the volume and speed of vehicles using the street is much higher than Shakespeare St.
Furthermore, the availability of cycling infrastructure in the vicinity of Norfolk St is deficient when compared to Shakespeare St which has the Oxford St bike lanes, as well as the shared path along the freeway nearby.
As such, for the reasons outlined above, there seems to be a very strong case for a Safe Active Street to be built on Norfolk St.
Spending further money on Shakespeare St has the potential to create another under-utilised white elephant.
I hope that the Department of Transport reconsiders its current expenditure proposal and bases its decision on evidence and obtaining the greatest return on its investment.
Andrew Main
Alfonso St, North Perth

Is there a PCC vaccine?
I am most concerned with the recent health problems at the City of Perth.
First the CEO Mileham went down closely followed by senior administrators Mianich, Barrenger and Moore.
It seems to be extremely contagious. As I live within walking distance of Council House it is a worrying phenomenon.
If it were to spread to the garbos, causing rubbish to pile up in Perth streets with subsequent spread of disease, the results could be catastrophic.
This matter is causing me much stress. Perhaps the first symptoms have already got me?
I pray that the newly appointed commissioners will take the necessary prompt action to save the citizens of Perth.
Paul Griffin
via email

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