Can’t beat a good cuppa

THE Friendship Group for seniors in Bayswater is going from strength to strength and about 50 people are now attending monthly morning teas.

80-year-old Polly Lawson—who says “I feel fantastic”—started up the group a few years back after becoming Bayswater Seniors Citizens Association president.

“I wanted to start a group for people who had lost their partners, who were lonely, who just wanted to have a chat,” she says.

Ms Lawson is not a widow: “I was too smart, I didn’t marry. Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe,” she chuckles.

“They just love coming and having a nosh up and a chat and a good belly laugh.

“Now and again I throw in a dirty joke and they laugh and laugh.”

• Pinkies up! Bayswater mayor Dan Bull loves coming along to Polly Lawson’s friendship group for seniors. Photo supplied

She says; “there’s definitely a need for it … some of them when they lose their partner they feel it’s the end of the world.

“And all they need is to talk about it, because it’s happened to a lot of people”.

Ms Lawson says people share their troubles and solutions to whatever’s going on, whether it’s bills or pills.

But sometimes they just share memories. “They’ve all got something to have a chat about, ‘oh do you remember this, or do you remember that,’ they just start on a gentle scale and they get into why they’re there and the things that are going on in their lives.”

The Friendship Group meets at the Bayswater Seniors Centre, at 27 King William Street, on the first Wednesday of every month (call 9271 5198 for info).

But on May 21 they’re having a Biggest Morning Tea event at 9am if you want to pop in for a cuppa and a chat.


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