LETTERS 7.4.18

Wheel of fortune
IT is disappointing to see Liberal Democrat MP Aaron Stonehouse blatantly and purposely breaking the law by not wearing a helmet while riding to promote a law change (“MP flips lid over law”, Voice, March 24, 2018).
Breaking any law is clearly not acceptable for any leader, and I was very disappointed to see Mr Stonehouse on the Voice’s front page showing what some political leaders find acceptable.
We need “law abiding citizens” as political leaders.
Todd Hutchison

Palmed off
I HAVE to wonder if the 1500 people in the Refugee Walk on Palm Sunday (“Message getting out”, Voice, March 29, 2018), gave any thought to the families of the two people murdered by Man Haron Monis in the Lindt Cafe siege, who was one of the “refugees” they were marching for.
Patrick F. Whalen
Blythe Ave, Yokine
The Ed says: Why focus on the actions of one mentally ill person rather than the thousands upon thousands of people who’ve found asylum in Australia and have gone on to make an immeasurable contribution to this country?

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