Safety win

CYCLING in Vincent is set to become a lot safer with the installation of bike lanes along a “cycling blackspot” on Loftus Street.

The McGowan government and Vincent council are contributing $210,000 each to install bike lanes on both sides of Loftus, between Vincent and Richmond Streets.

The upgrade will include a 1.6-metre-wide separated path southbound and a 3-metre-wide shared path on the northbound side, which will travel through Keith Frame Reserve and connect to Richmond Street.

Perth Labor MP John Carey—a former Vincent mayor who had spearheaded more local spending on bike infrastructure said Loftus St “is a little cycling blackspot.”

• Perth MP John Carey and Vincent Mayor Emma Cole are keen to get safer bike lanes on Loftus Street. Photo by Steve Grant

“It’s all about trying to separate cyclists from motorists and getting more people to cycle. Not just the lycra set, but mums, dads, children and others”.

Vincent mayor Emma Cole says: “We want to make our streets greener, safer, more liveable and easier to get around for pedestrians and cyclists”.

“Many cyclists use Loftus Street for their daily commute or to connect to key Vincent destinations.

“The new bicycle lanes will improve north-south connections and better integrate with east-west cycle routes.”

This reporter rides the route to the International Beer Shop and can confirm it’s rough: you can either take your chances on the road or ride real slow on the footpath and try not to get flattened by a reversing car coming out of a driveway.

The new bike lanes will also connect up to the Mount Hawthorn bike boulevard, which will extend east-west from the bike lanes along the Freeway to the bike lanes on Loftus Street.

No car lanes will be removed and nearby residents will be consulted on the bike path design before it is finalised.


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