Plenty of choice

ACCORDING to the Chinese horoscope my beloved and I are rabbits.

But even we are getting sick of munching on limp salad after limp salad in Perth cafes.

So I let out a sigh of relief when I found Little Shop of Plenty in Maylands, a vegetarian  gaff that offers a diverse range of hearty meals.

Owners Kim Bourne and Mark Abbott fell in love when their eyes met across a crowded restaurant, and things got even better when they found out they both loved cooking healthy cuisine.

They were so good at it they opened Little Shop of Plenty; “Because a plant-based diet doesn’t mean starving on nothing but bowls of lettuce—all due respect to lettuce.”

They aim to create satisfying dishes that contain plenty of protein, minerals, like iron and calcium, and “exciting flavours”.

Which I thought was absolutely on the money after my first mouthful of zucchini fettuccine ($19).

The “pasta” had a pleasant crunch and was laced with basil, wild rocket, spinach, sunflower seeds and topped with a tangy cashew “parmesan”.

The rich and creamy pesto sauce married the intense flavours perfectly.

People at the next table were tucking into a black bean quinoa chia burger ($20).

The Mexican spiced beans, sweet potato, creamed corn, cashew chipotle and lime “mayo” ($20) was a “magnificent” mix of flavours, the diner said.

Her friend had the bruschetta ($21.50) with organic green pea puree, lemon, dill mint, broccolini and cashew parmesan.

“Very different, but really good,” was her verdict.

Plenty has plenty of cakes, and I opted for a lime and lemon tart ($9.50) that complemented a refreshing lemongrass and ginger tea ($4.50).

A couple of organic chocolate and orange mousse cakes went down a treat for dessert that night.

Everything at Plenty is made in-house from pure, raw whole-food ingredients with no artificial additives.


Little Shop of Plenty
217 Railway Parade, Maylands
Open 7 days

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