LETTERS 21.4.18

Black and white decision
WHILE I was one of the people who was briefly put out by the closure to the busport via Yagan Square, I was more surprised by the concept of one of the first major events at the new square being an ‘All White’ event. Seems someone didn’t think that one through.
Kat Gerrard
Carr St, West Perth
The Ed says: Yes, we did think that was a bit awkward, but in defence of the Diner en Blanc movement, dressing in white was simply founder François Pasquier’s way of finding his friends at the first event in the 1980s, as his backyard was too small to host all his friends for a party after returning from living overseas and he had to use a public space.

Faux pas
ON April 7 Yagan Square was blocked off for an exclusive event, Diner En Blanc, with no advance notice.
The square is used by thousands of people to access bus services at the Perth Busport.
Due to this event closure, travellers were forced to detour all the way to King Street to access buses.
Imagine the impact on elderly people and those with limited mobility, and people missing their buses due to this sudden closure.
The decision by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority to approve an exclusive largely by-invitation event, which blocked a public thoroughfare, is appalling.
Yagan Square was designed and built by the WA Government to connect different areas and transport facilities in Perth’s CBD and provide a beautiful public space for all residents and visitors of Perth.
The MRA should be held accountable by the media for blocking off a public space in this manner.
Name withheld

Export scandal
AS yet another live export scandal breaks, with footage showing the agonising death of 2400 sheep on a live export ship headed to Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE, industry spokesmen and their government apologists rush out the usual trite phrases about “one-off” events and warning against “knee-jerk” reactions.
Maybe it’s time for a knee-jerk reaction.
This is the term used by doctors for a test of reflexes that indicate the health or otherwise of the human nervous system.
The live export trade is a profound sickness in our society and ignoring it and hoping yet another incident of hideous cruelty will soon be forgotten just makes the patient, our community, that much sicker.
Stopping the trade would be equivalent to removing approximately 320,000 cars from Australian roads.
It’s well over time for a knee-jerk reflex that will restore both our moral and environmental health by banning this obscene industry.
Desmond Bellamy
PETA Australia

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