Pizza diaries

MY roommate and I are bachelors and we’re feeling a bit down, so we decided to do a Bridget Jones and stuff our faces at Mack Daddy’s New York Slice.

It turned out to be one of the most over-indulgent and yummiest meals we’ve ever had, and the Mt Lawley pizzeria definitely cheered us up.

We started by ordering the 22” pizza special ($50), available Tuesday and Wednesday, with half pepperoni and half buffalo chicken.

The special included two sides and we went for the garlic bread and peanut butter brownie.

Not to do things half- heartedly, we decide to throw in mozzarella sticks ($13), buffalo wings ($14) and a slice of the monthly special pizza, the chicken carnival ($7).

It wasn’t long before the 22” pizza arrived, and it was massive and had the flavour to boot.

The pepperoni was deliciously salty and smoky, and the chewy yet perfectly crispy base soaked up the gooey cheese and tomato sauce.

The buffalo chicken half, replete with Louisiana base sauce and mozzarella and blue cheese, was deliciously tender.

We soon moved onto the carnival pizza.

The chicken, capsicum, corn and kale were mouthwatering and flavoursome, and the BBQ sauce had a nice kick to it.

Unfortunately the buffalo wings, served with a blue cheese sauce, were a little small and underwhelming, but “the flavour was definitely there” Marty said.

The fried mozzarella sticks, served with a tomato chutney, were indulgent and enjoyable, and the garlic bread was hot, fresh and well seasoned.

The peanut brownie was massive—one serving would do two—and was topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The perfect way to end an evening.

The only people who wouldn’t enjoy Mack Daddy’s are those still lying to themselves about their New Year’s resolution to join a gym.


568 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley 

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