You can’t beat it

NINTY police officers will be transferred to the new Perth police district in a bid to curb anti-social behaviour in Northbridge.

Fifty of the new officers will be on the beat.

WA Police Minister Michelle Roberts said the move follows “consistent concerns” over violent incidents within the city and the entertainment precinct.

“People will see a significant increase in the number of operational officers available, particularly those involved in bike patrols, within the city and Northbridge,” he says.

“Bike patrol has proven a very visible way of policing and this presence is very important.

“We want people to feel safe enough that they will choose to come into the city and Northbridge.”

• Perth MP John Carey and WA police minister Michelle Roberts with the new police officers that will be patrolling the city. Photo supplied

The increase in the number of on-the-ground officers in the city follows Police Commissioner Chris Dawson doubling the number of police districts in the metro area to eight.

Commissioner Dawson says the old model meant the city fell under an “absolutely massive” area which stretched as far as Mundaring.

Ms Roberts said, “There was a sense that no one really owned their patch. It was such a big area that response times had lengthened and police were under a lot of pressure.

“Smaller districts mean officers will get to know their area better and respond more quickly.”

The commissioner’s changes include a specialised family and domestic violence team in each district.

“It means officers on the front line will have specialist back up who can follow up with affected families and monitor repeat offenders,” Ms Roberts says.

Perth Labor MP John Carey says more officers would help improve safety in the quieter parts of town.

“When police presence is greater, the streets are busier and crime is less likely, driving economic activity,” he says.


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