Urbanites:  get ready  for disaster

COUNTRY folk are well acquainted with states of emergency, but with 200,000 people in the city on an average day the City of Perth is focusing on emergency planning in the big smoke.

Last year the council compiled an emergency management strategic plan to coordinate a response in the case of a disaster–natural or man-made.

But a gap analysis found the message still needed to get out to the average citizen.

To address the gap they’ve now released educational material for residents, businesses and visitors, and are hosting two emergency preparation seminars for residents to learn what to do in a SHTF situation.

“There are approximately 26,000 people living in the City of Perth and as the local government authority, we have a responsibility not only to them but to the thousands of workers, visitors, students and tourists who are in the city each day,” City of Perth commissioner Eric Lumsden says.

“While many Western Australians are aware of the significant threat of emergencies such as bushfires, it’s critical for people to understand the risks unique to high rise buildings and prepare accordingly, which is why the City has focused on emergency awareness resources.”

Held by Red Cross, the first seminar is at the City of Perth library Tuesday, May 1, 6pm to 7.30pm. The second is at Citiplace Community Centre (at the train station) Thursday, May 24, 9.30am to 11am.

They’re free but RSVP at info.city@cityofperth.wa.gov.au, or call 9461 3333, and head to perth.wa.gov.au/emergency to read up on what you should do if your day in the city goes pear shaped.

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