LETTERS 5.5.18

Another one of Jason Chatfield’s rejected New Yorker cartoons. You think he’d get the hint by now.

Royal let-down
THOUSANDS of kids around the world are starving and living in poverty and hardly get a mention in the media.
All we get is that another royal baby is born.
The royals are living in luxury and seem to have only one talent, which is to breed like rabbits at the taxpayers’ expense.
I don’t know how these people can sleep at night knowing what poor people put up with on a daily basis.
R Dixon
Arkwell St, WIllagee

A bit fishy
I FULLY support marine protection areas as in a few decades not many desirable species of fish will be left.
Why do some companies need super trawlers?
Presumably small boats do not pay their way anymore.
It also means that the product density of desirable species is already far too low for insatiable human beings.
Yet Australia has a 25,750km long coast line and there is not enough to go around to keep a 26-million population happy.
Very strange indeed. Are there too many fish eaters amongst us?
So what do I see in a fish and chip shop? Hake from South Africa and NZ.
In supermarkets I notice prawns from Vietnam, tuna pieces from Indonesia and blue whiting from China.
Some of these functionaries must be making good money.
So everyone is catching for all it’s worth, since there is no end to the ever increasing number of consumers, yet it is widely reported that fish stock numbers are falling.
Otto Mueller
Windily Road, Murdoch

Don’t follow the herd
IF people respect animals it contributes to our community wellbeing, bringing so much joy and prosperity into our lives.
The Live Export sheep trade continuing out of Fremantle Port is a very sad sight.
WA produces an excellent product through exemplary animal husbandry, space per animal, nutrition and dedicated ram selection, ensuring flocks evolve strongly and healthily.
I am guessing the majority of overseas consumers who buy live lamb might not have a fridge.
If we could manufacture a really cheap refrigerator that would suit the needs of overseas consumers, it could help to transition those markets into buying chilled lamb.
And situating the halal abattoirs closer to production areas so our sheep don’t travel too far.
Nikki Wilkins

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