Off the beaten track

A SILVER garden fork is dragged down a huge brass gong as Louise Devenish brings Tone Being to a harmonious close.

The piece is one of three new compositions that Devenish, head of percussion at UWA, will play in her first solo show, Music for Percussion and Electronics.

She commissioned three WA composers Cat Hope, Kate Moore and Stuart James to write new pieces for the show.

Exploring the brave new world of new music, Hope does not use conventional music notation.

“I trace the sounds, echoing the shape Cat has put in her score,” Devenish says.

• Louise Devenish. Photo supplied

Sparkling sounds

Moore’s work Coral Speak is a gentler piece, played on a vibraphone.

“It’s inspired by coral and reef…and is very beautiful and tonal.”

The slightly-built Devenish mixes subtlety and power to coax sparkling sounds out of the glockenspiel, vibraphone and gong.

Devenish says each of the works has a personal resonance and significance.

“I love the rich metallic sound world of these works, and together they represent an exciting cross-section of approaches to blending the acoustic and electronic. I think it shows how varied percussion music can be.”

A video projection by New York artist Ross Karre will accompany the music “to complement the sounds of the pieces,” Devenish says.

“Not like pulses, but more video images…manipulated to the size of the instruments.”

Music for Percussion and Electronics is on at The Sewing Room 317 Murray Street, Perth (off Wolf Lane), Tuesday May 15, at 7.30pm


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