A trialling journey

A TRIAL to reduce speed limits to 40kmh on Vincent’s southern residential streets is just around the corner, mayor Emma Cole says.

Last week we reported that new community group Our Streets at 40 had launched a campaign to get the speed limit on all residential streets in the city reduced to 40kmh (“Life begins at 40”, Voice, May 12, 2018).

Vincent council had been trying to hold a 40kmh trial in the south ward for the last two years, but it would have cost about $150,000, so they asked the then-Liberal state government for some funding.

That got a lukewarm reception.

• Geraldine Box and Andrew Main from Our Streets at 40.

In August 2016 Main Roads told the city that “council would be responsible for all aspects of the trial including funding”.

Ms Cole has requested a meeting with road safety minister Michelle Roberts to see if the new Labor state government would be more receptive to funding the trial.

The Vincent mayor says she’d support the council paying for the trial themselves if the state doesn’t want to contribute.


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