‘Deplorable’ design

A CLOTHING company has been labelled “deplorable” for trying to sell Maddog t-shirts mocking cult Perth eccentric “Adrian”.

For the last 30 years Adrian has been riding his bicycle around Midland.

In recent years he has unwittingly become an Internet sensation, with people harassing him and posting videos of his angry response online.

Last week Brown Cardigan were taking pre-orders for Maddog t-shirts on Instagram, using the tagline “’Maddog’ Adrian – a disgruntled non-mammal, a master of the spin cycle, and someone never to be provoked…” Following backlash Brown Cardigan deleted the post.

ECU business ethics lecturer Dr Julie Cruz says the t-shirts are “a form of bullying”.

• Brown Cardigan’s t-shirt design, depicting Perth cult cyclist “Adrian”.

“They are using his image without his permission and that is a fundamental right.

“If someone was doing this to me, I’d probably be able to take some action, but not everyone can do that.

“Why has this become an internet sensation? Is it because people are getting some vicarious thrill of somebody taken advantage of?”

In May 2017, Brown Cardigan posted a video on their Facebook page of someone filming Adrian out a car window.

The video shows the car coming up behind Adrian while he’s cycling on a footpath and the driver shouting “Mad Dog, you mad dog! F*ck yeah!”

Adrian, clearly upset, tells them to “F*ck off” and cycles after the car as it speeds off.

In November, “Adrain” went to the police for help and they advised they would press charges against anyone who continued to harass him. Brown Cardigan did not respond to our questions.


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