LETTERS 19.5.18

Bye the by
THE recent decision by the WA Liberal Party not to contest the state by-elections doesn’t sit too well with Liberal voters in this state.
The voters in these areas need to send a message to Bill Shorten about his defiant attitude about Section 44 of the Constitution, and also his stance on not supporting increasing the GST rate to our state.
The last time Mr Shorten was in WA he promised us a catch-up amount of money to the state, but on returning to Canberra he pulled the plug on it all.
The voters of WA need to show politicians that we will not stand for anything less than 75 per cent of our GST by the next election.
We also need to show that the community of Australia are fed up with the ALP and the Greens holding the country to ransom and blocking every bill that goes to the senate.
By having candidates in these by-elections, it will be a chance to open up the block that is currently been experienced in the senate.
Let’s have an open-to-all-parties election, so the electorate can vote for the party that they think will do the best job running this country.
Bill Shorten sat on his hands for seven months over Section 44, and told everybody his team was safe.
Well Mr Shorten, you have been caught out again and not for the first time this year either.
Steve Cruden
Witts Lane, Kwinana

Protect nature
WHAT chance for nature?
In the space of two weeks we had a report on the number of animal species becoming endangered, with some facing extinction, then talk of increasing immigration levels.
This was followed by the federal government’s plan to lay off hundreds of workers from the Environment Protection Agency.
Australia has the shameful record of having the highest number of native animal species now extinct.
The ongoing destruction of our natural bushland is alarming at the least.
As for immigration, numbers should be at a level matched to the ability of our infrastructure to cope, without having to resort to building expensive desalination plants.
As for the housing industry, it should be a requirement on the developer to retain a percentage of natural bushland on any new planned housing estates.
The benefits being the cooling effect on nearby homes, places for people to interact with nature and corridors for wildlife.
Rex Sallur
Bibra Lake

Monarchy are great
The royal family may live in comfort, but they certainly do not have easy lives.
Being in the spotlight all the time must be very difficult, constantly being polite and interested in all situations.
They support many charities and are very knowledgeable about the particular charity they are visiting.
For example, Prince Harry and the Invictus Games, the Duchess of Cornwall supports a charity donating books to children, and also a domestic violence charity, helping women and children experiencing abuse at home.
I could go on with a long list of work the royal family do at home and overseas.
The Queen has always been a strong supporter of the Commonwealth and worked tirelessly for its countries.
The royal family stand for continuity and stability in an ever-changing world.
Margaret Paynter
Moran Street, Beaconsfield

Mane attraction
A LION is dead and a man in hospital after an attack at the Makarele Predator Centre in South Africa.
Mike Hodge, “the park owner”, entered the enclosure, even though he was aware that the lions were nearby and unsettled.
The lion easily caught him and dragged him into the bushes as observers screamed in shock and panic.
The lion was later killed, for doing nothing more than acting like a lion.
Yet again, captivity has led to suffering and death for a magnificent animal.
Even under the “best” circumstances, captivity is never acceptable for big cats, and as cases like prove, it’s often deadly.
This tragedy is exactly why People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals urges families to stay away from facilities that display animals as living exhibits for humans to gawk at.
Desmond Bellamy
People for Ethical Treatment of
Animals, Byron Bay

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