Maylands celebrates

THE Maylands Street Festival is back at  Eighth Avenue this Sunday.

It’ll be a fun-packed day with roving historical entertainment, games, rides, pop-up bars and art installations.

This year the festival is celebrating the 120th-ish anniversary of the suburb being named Maylands.

• Photos by Rob Sheppard from RAW Human Resources.

It’s still a bit of a mystery how the name came to be: Landgate’s database says it could’ve been named by the owner of the local foundary, Mephan Ferguson, in honour of his daughter who was named May.

Another theory is that the area was named by Edgar W. Hamer after he purchased land there in the month of May.

Festival organisers, Local Arts and Community Events group and the Maylands Historical and Peninsula Association, have teamed up with disability advocate group Cahoots to make it the most accessible festival in town.

There’ll be an accessible priority lane to make it easier for the disabled to navigate crowds.

The smoking ceremony kicks off festivities at noon and the festival runs to 6pm.

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