Top taverna

AFTER reading rave reviews about Greek taverna Bikra and my mate moving in across the road, we decided to go all Nana Mouskouri and flutter on over.

We opted for a late dinner and the ambience was fantastic—think small-bar buzz with restaurant-quality service and that classic Greek vibe.

First out of the kitchen was the homemade sourdough bread with olive oil ($5).

The bread was baked to perfection and the marinated Kalamata olives ($7), seasoned with citrus zest, garlic, thyme and oregano, were to die for.

We chose to embrace the Greek vibe and continued with a couple of meze plates (a collection of small dishes akin to tapas).

The saganaki kefalograviera pan-fried cheese and beautiful honey ouzo ($12) created an exotic mix of sweet and salty flavours.

Next up was the graviera cheese triangles in crispy moroccan pastry with lightly caramelised Manjimup figs ($15).

These were the perfect little appetisers, with the in-season figs giving the dish an extra punch of flavour.

The last of the vegetarian share plates was the spanakopita ($16.00) savoury pasty, filled with wild weed, leek and feta. Unfortunately, it was let down by the slightly dense filo pastry.

With our dose of vegies for the week consumed, our eyes locked onto the chicken Maryland souvla ($30).

The tender poultry had perfectly-charred skin, creating that classic mix of textures, and was very moreish.

The slow roasted lamb ($32) was the star of the evening, with the meat effortlessly falling off the bone and the natural flavours of the lamb shining through.

Complemented by the fresh and zesty lemon tzatziki, this was a melt-in-the-mouth number.

To finish off our meal we opted for a couple of long macchiatos, and were persuaded to get a star anise Greek yoghurt panna cotta ($11.00) by the lovely waitress.

We did the obligatory “wobble test” and I’m happy to say the dessert passed with flying colours.

Topped with crunchy kataifi pastry, orange salsa, honeycomb and roasted grapes, I’m happy to say this interesting culmination of flavours was the perfect end to an excellent meal.


3/177 Stirling St, Perth

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