Address bungle

VINCENT’S latest local planning scheme was more than a decade in the making—but it’s stumbled at the finish line with 6300 letters sent out with the wrong address.

Anyone who was affected by the rezoning was sent a letter that was meant to explain the change to their property, but every letter stated “your property at 2A Albert Street, North Perth, has changed from Commercial [zoning] to Mixed Use R60”.


It has cost the council $8000 to rectify the admin bungle by sending out priority-posted letters containing an apology and the correct information.

The correction letter stated: “LOCAL PLANNING SCHEME NO. 2—SORRY!”

“We’re very embarrassed to say that the letter you received incorrectly provided the details for another property instead of your property.”

• Vincent council CEO Len Kosova. File photo

The planning scheme rezones some parts of town to encourage more development along transport corridors, keeping the residential areas intact and shifting the old concrete batching plants out of Claisebrook.

One complaint to City of Vincent’s Facebook page said; “it is a pity the mail-out informing ratepayers of the changes was so badly messed up. It caused great distress to some elderly ratepayers”.

Vincent CEO Len Kosova explained the mistake.

“Unfortunately, the data wasn’t correctly merged by the distribution company and the error wasn’t apparent when the city received one letter to proof prior to printing.”


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