New East Perth Pre-employment Medical Business Opens

Pre-employment medicals made easy! Wouldn’t that be great! Pre-employment Medicals are a specialty field and Andrew Silvan and Danielle Iannello have recently opened Workforce Health Assessors East Perth (WHA Perth), a locally owned pre-employment medical facility in East Perth.

“WHA East Perth works with each business to provide highest quality pre-employment medical services throughout Australia and New Zealand,” said Andrew Silvan. “Assessments are created and tailored to each business’ individual needs. With facilities all across Australia, including regional and remote areas, there is no business too big or too small to realise the benefits of working in partnership with Workforce Health Assessors.”

Andrew Silvan and Danielle Iannello at WHA Opening Night

WHA’s advanced cloud-based booking and reporting system is easy-to-use enabling quality, accurate and on-time reporting.  The booking and assessment software provides clients with the option to coordinate assessments and track the progress of each booking. This allows a 24 hour turnaround on results. Pre-employment medicals are easy, high quality and streamlined.

Servicing many large companies across Australia for over 14 years, WHA is capably servicing existing clientele in WA but with a renewed focus on building the WA clientele. The brand new WHA facility in East Perth accommodates three assessment rooms and a hearing booth. WHA is competitively priced and offers a range of services including vision, audiometry, spirometry, instant and pathology drug and alcohol testing, strength testing, a capacity to work test and much more.

For the highest quality pre-employment medicals with fast results, call them now.

Workforce Health Assessors
T: 1300 552 722

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