Swing and a roundabout

VINCENT councillors have voted to scrap rules banning swings, rope ladders and cubbies on verges after reading an emotional letter from a parent.

At Tuesday night’s meeting councillors also gave the tick to residents who want to tart up their verge with raised garden beds, seats, logs or rocks.

In November, Vincent council removed a rope ladder and a swing on a Chamberlain Street verge after receiving a complaint.

The move infuriated the parents who’d put up the mini playground, who pinned a terse letter to the tree addressed to the complainants.

“Congratulations, we have been asked to take them down,” it read.

“Unfortunately, you missed the event of us telling our child that he can no longer play on the equipment that he loves so much.

• Vincent Mayor Emma Cole rips up the policy that stopped Isabelle, Mason, Evan and Tamsin from making cool verge swings. Photo


“You also missed seeing the stream of tears run down his face as we consoled him.”

After reading the letter, Vincent mayor Emma Cole called for the rule to be changed.

It’s taken some behind-the-scenes finagling over the past few months, but Ms Cole says common sense has prevailed.

“It is fantastic to see the rules change to reflect what is such a wonderful part of life in Vincent—kids playing outside and our community coming together over creative verge gardens,” Ms Cole said.

“Play equipment on our verge trees livens up our neighbourhoods. It brings kids outdoors, encouraging them to play together and have a sense of old time fun on the streets that is sometimes lacking in modern life. We believe that as long as the tree and verge additions are safe and keep the street trees healthy, they should be allowed to stay and encouraged in our community.

“If a resident wishes to improve their verge to be a great place to play or grow veggies, I think our role as a local government is to say ‘yes’.”

The policy will go out for public comment for 21 days.


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