Chef’s sixth sense

TASMANIA prides itself on its scallops and I tried lots there on holiday last year.

But I reckon Six Senses Gourmet Thai could show the Taswegians a thing or two – their soft and meaty scallops are delicious; deftly balancing sweetness and saltiness.

With a dash of chilli and a pleasing crunch from the roe topping, these specimens were fresh as an ocean breeze and just as bracing for the taste buds.

The scallops were a great introduction to the Leederville eatery, and we waited in eager anticipation of our next dish while watching life unfold on Oxford Street from our window bench seat.

Salt and pepper squid ($28.50) doesn’t leap to mind as a traditional Thai dish, but Six Senses made it their own.

The squid was as tender as a baby’s bottom, with a crunchy light coating, and the crispy sweet rice noodles were wonderfully caramelised.

My lunch companion tucked into one of the best green curries around ($17.50).

Rich and creamy, it had a fantastic chilli zing and this classic Thai dish was in a class of its own.

Let’s not forgot about the vegetarian fried rice ($17.50), which was pretty damn good too.


Six Senses’ decor is as stylish as its food with raw brick walls, industrial light fittings and a trio of massive and quite dramatic-looking red tasseled lights.

The service is as good as it gets—prompt and professional.

Chef Sisamon Kongpan hails from Thailand where she is a sought-after cooking teacher.

She has written more than 22 successful cook books and is a regular on Thai TV.


Six Senses Gourmet Thai Restaurant
135 Oxford Street,
9444 0321
open Mon-Sun 11.30am-
2.30pm, 5.30pm-10pm

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