Riff Raff gets  Jacked off

NORTHBRIDGE live music bar Jack Rabbit Slim’s has joined venues across the country in cancelling their scheduled performance of musician “Riff Raff”, after rape allegations against the US rapper.

On Thursday April 31 Melbourne-based Eliza Stafford posted her account on Facebook stating: “In 2013 I was raped by a man whose stage name is “Riff Raff”.

She said she had been invited backstage and drugged. Friends witnessed her being put into a car. Aged 19 at the time, she wrote: “I woke up as Riff Raff was pulling out of me and getting in to the shower. I crawled – truly, on all fours – out of the hotel room and managed to get outside where I booked a taxi who wouldn’t take me because I was ‘too drunk’.”

Her post, which has been shared more than 3100 times, said “he is performing at the corner hotel next Friday night. I will be 50 metres from my rapist all night.

• US rapper Riff Raff. YouTube

The rapper, whose real name is Horst Simco, on Tuesday posted an image to his Instagram account with the message: “Haters pop up with lies so I keep Versace shaes on my eyes bitch ass internet trolls on the attack but Marilyn Munroe got my back.”

He then takes the opportunity to plug an upcoming album.

The Corner Hotel was the first to act, contacting Ms Stafford and then announcing they had cancelled Riff Raff’s performance.

Jack Rabbit Slim’s quickly joined other venues—the Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle and the TBC Club in Queensland—and cancelled his performance.

“The Riff Raff show scheduled for 17/6/2018 has been cancelled following allegations of sexual assault,” JRS’s statement said.

“We take all allegations of this nature extremely seriously, and we will always stand with the victims of such crimes. We aim to provide a safe and inclusive space for everyone.

“We appreciate your messages this morning, and apologise for any hurt this event has caused.”

Tour promoters Audiopaxx then cancelled his Australian and New Zealand tour.

The rapper hasn’t made a public statement.

On June 5 a US-based woman made allegations against him, saying he’d trapped her in his tour van’s bedroom, aggressively tried to coerce her into having sex and repeatedly grabbed her.

She said after the 2015 attack: “I am scarred for life”.

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