Green space in the pipeline

AN unsightly old drainage sump has been converted into Vincent’s newest little park.

Recently the council’s been looking to expand its parks and green spaces to cater for the growing number of inner-city residents.

Environmental engineer Halinka Lamparski, a member of Vincent’s Environmental Advisory Group, had the idea to upscale the old sump, on the corner of Lawler and Bedford Streets in North Perth, which used to be a big hole in the ground surrounded by a fence.

“When we first took a look at the site it appeared as a fenced-off hole in the ground, full of weeds, a bit of rubbish and some beautiful, mature native trees,” Ms Lamparski says.

Given its location it made sense to turn it into somewhere where people could relax, play and interact with a bit of nature.

“The existing mature trees could easily be retained to provide shade and also a habitat for the local birds and bees.”

• Vincent mayor Emma Cole with environmental engineer Halinka Lamparski and her bub Annoushka Estrin at the funked-up sump. Photo by Steve Grant

The sump is used to hold storm water run-off from surrounding roads.  A concealed storm water catchment and soakage area will now do that job, with a hydraulic consultant brought in to make sure the final result can cater for one-in-20 year storm events.

Mayor Emma Cole said the idea “gave us a unique opportunity to turn a cavernous and ugly fenced hole in the ground into a beautiful neighbourhood park. The park has been landscaped with water-wise native plants, creating a beautiful native garden with some children’s nature play elements for the North Perth community to enjoy.

“It is located across from Kyilla Park and the Primary School, so it’s a real positive to be able to provide more space for local children to play,” Ms Cole said.

There’ll be a little opening celebration on Saturday June 23 at 2pm, with a sausage sizzle, Cirquest workshop and the Kyilla primary school choir.

Meanwhile, Vincent council ise putting together a new strategy for public open space in the city.

From sports grounds like Britannia Reserve, to dog parks like Jack Marks and patches of nature at Smith’s Lakes, they want to know what people use and what they want for the future.

The initial survey is at and it closes on June 29.


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