Perth soap  opera

A CENTURIES-old tradition was revived at Mary Street Piazza last Saturday (June 9) when 12 orators got on their soapbox for an ad hoc speaker’s corner.

Town Team Movement convenor Jimmy Murphy organised the event at short notice, after posting on his Facebook page that he was thinking about holding a public speaker’s series and being inundated with responses.

“I thought, this is cool, I won’t muck around, I’ll do it straight away.”

He had a free Saturday and lined up 12 speakers.

• Real estate agent Gia Le takes to the soapbox on Saturday. Photo supplied

“It actually worked out really well,” he says. “I loved every minute of it as we laughed, cried, sympathised, disagreed, agreed, considered, perhaps viewed another perspective…We were together out in the open in a friendly, kind environment. “

There were a diverse range of speakers, including real estate agent Gia Le discussing courage and acting in spite of fear, musician Randa Khamis talking about “the value of inner peace” and entertainer Magnus Danger Magnus telling us why pears are better than apples in his oration “Why the pear is the superior fruit.”

Mr Murphy, a Vincent councillor and event organiser behind the Leederville and Mt Hawthorn street festivals, says the idea started “as a one off thing. But it was an experiment and it worked really well, so there will be more.

“I’m kind of secretly hoping someone else might organise the next one,” he laughs, saying he’d be happy to hand over the database of interested speakers.


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