LETTERS 23.6.18

Discretion, please
REGARDING your article “Hawk-eye, please…” (Voice, May 26, 2018) and the accompanying photo of eight members of the Maylands Tennis Club, taken in 2014.
I am personally offended by the inappropriate inclusion of the photo as the article inferred that the people pictured were ‘freeloaders’ on the people of Bayswater, as the Bayswater Council had failed to ensure that rent was paid by the tennis club for a number of years.
When the original photo was sourced by the Voice, it was to promote the Maylands Tennis Club in a positive manner and I certainly did not give permission for it to be used in such a derogatory way, as has been done.
I have been told that the photo is owned by the Voice and can be used at their discretion; a pity someone wasn’t as discerning as they should have been.
Dorothy Oliver

REGARDING the article “Do you know what’s in a vaccine?” in last week’s Voice.
Thank you to the brave ones who initiated this debate, which is now all over social media and in our conversations.
The fact is we should know what is in a vaccine. This makes us an educated and engaged Perth community, right?
I am just disappointed that the Voice chooses to cite replies only from the AMA WA president Omar Khorshid and Labor MP John Carey, and both with biased replies.
It is not “an appalling anti-health message” neither is it “utter rubbish”
This is not a terrible thing as Mr Carey articulates so poorly.
Let us be informed and make our own choices.
Caroline Colliss
Howson Street, Hilton

AMA afraid?
REGARDING the article “AMA slams billboard” in last week’s Voice.
Why is the AMA so afraid of a billboard asking ‘Do you know what’s in a vaccine?’
Are we not allowed to question and research the risk of vaccinating versus not vaccinating?
Despite the World Health Organisation saying that vaccines save millions of lives per year around the world, there are law suits because of serious injuries and deaths because of vaccines.
In Spain over Gardasil. In Japan over Gardasil.
The flu shot was taken off the market for under fives in Australia after deaths and injury. Prevnar was banned in China and Netherlands.
France pulled Rotavirus off their schedule after infant deaths and injuries. Vaccines are the most profitable pharmaceutical drug on the market. In terms of profit margin, drug companies make more money off vaccines than they do any other pharmaceutical drug. There is zero references to any published scientific research whether aluminium in vaccines are safe.
There is a lack of rigorous safety studies by drug companies.  And they don’t have the incentive to do them because they have no liability.
It is a drug company’s dream and a prescription for tyranny.
Despite this, parents are told not to question any of this.
Don’t ignore the billboard in Northbridge – educate yourselves.
Marie Zuidwind
High Street, Fremantle

Brutal design
UNTIL recent times the property facing 137 Walcott Street, Mount Lawley, was a significant two-storey home, contributing to a streetscape of interesting homes dating from 1898 to recent times.
About three years ago the house there was demolished.
At the same time an old home directly behind at 20 Monmouth Street was also demolished.
On the two combined blocks a group of units was erected in the modern grey brutalist fashion.
However, possibly to maximise appeal to the buyer, the developer had each one oriented to face Monmouth Street.
The back fences of the rear units were facing Walcott Street.
When one has a back lane behind the back fence, one doesn’t necessarily give it top care priority compared to other frontal features.
You can’t really blame the owner(s) of the property for this.
But you can blame the City of Vincent. In contrast to the City of Stirling’s policies, which preserve its attractive streetscapes along almost the entire length of the other side of Walcott Street.
Barrie Baker
Third Avenue, Mount Lawley

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