A feast of film

REVELATION Perth International Film Festival kicked off on Thursday (July 5) with a cinefile’s paradise of 180 movies from Australia and around the world over two weeks.

WA’s leading international film festival, Revelation is dedicated to presenting independent movies and documentaries,”in a context that explores film’s great traditions, its contemporary movements and its future directions,” director Richard Sowada says.

“What we are trying to do… is to put contemporary works into the continuum.

“It’s not a matter of… saying this is a good movie, but what does it mean and how does it fit” [within our culture].

Controversial 2018 political-satire/eco-horror road movie Terror Nullius rubs shoulders with 70s classics such as Being There (starring Peter Sellers) and The Last Detail (Jack Nicholson and Randy Quaid).

Australian sisters Dominique and Dan Angeloro are the quirky Soda_Jerk art collective, who’ ve plundered a host of classic Aussie movies, including Mad Max and Walkabout, for Terror Nullius, a biting critique of Aussie culture.

“[It’s] cultural appropriation which the Soda_Jerk people are good at,” Mr Sowada says.

• Why was Terror Nullias written off as “un-Australian” at its premiere? It was such a huge hit. Make your own judgement as the Revelation Film Festival rolls into town with 180 local and international films.

Huge hit

Condemned as un-Australian at its world premier, Terror Nullius was a big hit with audiences and art critics alike.

Revelation, which is celebrating its 21st birthday this year, started as an underground event in the back room basement of the Greenwich Club, Perth’s smoothest jazz and music venue in 1997.

The movies were all on 16mm film, and the festival featured live music, poetry and feature, documentary, archival and animated works at the forefront of underground filmmaking.

Quickly outgrowing the small club it now spans venues across Perth and Fremantle and features some of the most acclaimed films from the international film festival scene.

In 2018 there are gallery and installation works, live performances, an academic conference and a unique seminar and masterclass series, along with Q&A sessions.

There’s also free movies for kids from Japanese animator Studio Ghibli, that Mr Sowada hopes will attract a new generation of movie-goers to quality films: “[It’s] building an audience over a number of years, if you can introduce them at a young age.”

The City of Vincent also has an outing at Revelation, with three mini-documentaries from a film project it ran exploring life in the inner-city suburb getting a premiere on July 11. Quality Time is about the dying art of neon bending, Ghosts of Vincent is all the gruesome ghost stories from the city and The Beeman is one man’s crusade to save honeybees.

For the full program and tickets go to revelationfilmfest.org/tickets  


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