Growing awareness

YEAR 3 students at Bayswater Primary School have set up a community grow cart to help cut down on food waste.

The students’ garden outside their classroom and a community garden at the school are just starting to pump out a diverse range of fruit, veggies and herbs as the winter rains set in, with everything from pomegranates, sweet potatoes and thyme to flowers that attract the pollinators.

“We aim to teach students about where food comes from, good nutrition and healthy eating habits and we want to foster respect for the environment,” Year three teacher Freya Kreibich says

Teachers Freya Kreibich, Anne Phillips and Ann Sternheim with the Bayswater primary year 3 classes and their budding garden. Photos
by Steve Grant

“Later in the year, the students will be using their understanding of the produce to create healthy recipes, which they will also cook,” she said.

The cart is also creating community, with families that have a little left over after harvesting their own gardens helping to stock the shelves.

• Arron Black, Amilia Presley, Coco Lyon, Benji Jones and Liz McQueen (rear) enjoy the fruits of the community cart.

“The school community has embraced the Community Grow Cart with great enthusiasm and it has been incredible to see how adults and children alike are enjoying sampling from it,” Miss Kreibich said.

“The community has taken it to another level too, by donating homemade produce.”


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