Vincent going nowhere slow
REGARDING the proposed 40kmh speed limit across the whole City of Vincent, there has been a 40kmh speed limit in Carr and Cleaver streets for some time now.
It is not monitored and has done nothing to reduce speeds. Daily I see and hear traffic speeding along these narrow streets, which are obstructed by “street furniture”, so-called “calming devices”.
When buses stop in Cleaver Street, cars will overtake on the wrong side of the road.
I have been unable to find any factual evidence to show that a 40kmh restriction actually reduces road trauma.
Research shows that there were only nine pedestrian fatalities in the metro area in 2016-17. This area spread from Gingin to further south of Perth. In the same time 96 people were hospitalised through injury.
I have seen the list of locations where the most fatalities occurred … and Vincent is not one of them. I could not find any evidence that even one pedestrian lost their life on Vincent’s streets.
I have respectfully suggested that the mayor of Vincent and the WA State MP do their homework and read the evidence. To date I have not received any response.
In addition, today’s children do not play in the streets. They are driven to school and to other venues, and spend considerable time on electronic devices. My children and grandchildren never played in the streets. They played in their backyard or in parks, or swam in local pools.
Hope Alexander
Cleaver street, West Perth

Bus outlived its usefulness
THE Perth Voice story “Don’t Bank on Vincent” (June 30, 2018)  may raise questions in our community about Council’s decision to sell the City of Vincent Community Bus.
In recent years, Vincent has driven reform in the way we conduct business and in transparent decision making. The bus sale is one example.
The North Perth Community Bank (Branch of Bendigo Bank) made a $132,000 donation to the City of Vincent in July 2008 and the City bought the bus. In return, the Bank was eligible for a tax concession on the cash donation and the bus was highly decorated in North Perth Community Bank branding for its 10 years in service.
The Community Bus had served our community well, but in recent years this was much less so. Its inability to carry residents with a disability or mobility issues meant it was no longer suitable as we must be inclusive and cater for all residents.
The City and community groups were increasingly hiring better quality, fully accessible buses from private hire companies and this had a big impact. In the past 24 months, the bus was used only four times. As the bus aged, annual operating costs escalated to as much as $22,000 p.a.
The City of Vincent has, since 2001, owned shares in the company which owns the Bank, North Perth Community Financial Services Ltd. Therefore, I do not believe it would be appropriate or reasonable for the City to gift the bus, or provide it at a discount, to the Bank. Whilst the Bank is generous in its support of local community groups, which I commend, it is not a charitable or not-for-profit organisation.
The decision to sell the bus by public auction was made in the context of good governance, financial responsibility and with the best interests of the Vincent community always at the heart.
Emma Cole
Mayor, City of Vincent

Bike fright
LAST Saturday while exiting a carpark on Bulwer Street, I nearly ran over a cyclist.
It was dark, he was wearing black and had no lights front or back.
He was in the wrong, but that would have been small comfort had I hit him.
Two hours later coming home from the cinema I narrowly missed another cyclist – again all in black and with no rear light or reflector.
Seldom a week goes by without a near miss in Vincent.
The council encourages the use of bicycles and there seems to have resulted in a sense of entitlement on the part of cyclists.
What is missing is common sense on the part of cyclists to be visible and good policing on the part of the council to make this happen.
The City of Vincent has become for me the most dangerous place to be on the road.
Irene Rapsey

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