See-through bins to combat waste

THE Mindarie Regional Council is making Vincent residents face up to how much waste they’re producing by rolling out see-through bins.

On average, Australians produce over 500 kg of waste per person each year, and the council’s CEO Gunther Hoppe said they were hoping the 20 clear bins will start residents talking about their consumption and hopefully ways to cut down waste.

“Normally we throw it away and we don’t see it again; out of sight, out of mind, but this is to show people it does need to go somewhere, something does need to be done.”

Mr Hoppe says the campaign has already had international interest.

“It’s a program we are hoping other local governments across Perth will take up,” he says.

He says most people have been supportive, but some are worried about privacy issues or being shamed for their bin’s contents.

“It’s not designed to shame people,” he says.

“If you’ve got a lot of waste, there’s a conversation to be had. If you don’t have a lot of waste, there’s a conversation to be had.”

The campaign is looking for people to become “clear bin ambassadors” and fill your clear plastic bins without bin bags, facing your waste and allowing the whole street to have a gander on rubbish collection days.

You can get involved at


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