Vincent greens up homeowners

VINCENT council will work with developers and home owners on their landscaping to try and combat the de-greening of the city.

The council wants to almost double its tree canopy by 2050, but a review of its Green Plan has shown that despite a rigorous planting program, it’s barely keeping pace with the clearing of vegetation on private land.

“During 2009 to 2014 we actively planted trees in the public domain, but an equal number were being lost on privately owned land, primarily to subdivision and redevelopment,” says Vincent mayor Emma Cole.

“Our Imagine Vincent consultation strongly highlighted that our community wants more green spaces and to protect and increase the number of trees in Vincent.

• Emma Cole

The revised Greening Plan will combat the deforestation by working with community members and offering advice on suitable choices of trees for private properties.

“We will provide practical advice, support and subsidies to residents and property owners to enable them to choose appropriate tree and landscaping species on their property,” says Ms Cole.

Since the original 2014 Greening Plan the city has planted over 1600 street trees, 25km of greenway (streets providing shady tree canopy) and over 2.6 hectares of native habitat through its eco-zoning program.

The draft plan will soon be advertised for community feedback with adoption slated for later this year.


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