Cooking up ideas

MAYLANDS creatives will get the chance to pitch their ideas to locals over a bowl of soup later this month in the hope of scoring a micro-grant.

The community-led initiative is being put together by the Maylands Neighbourhood SOUP committee, which will charge people $10 for a bowl of soup and a vote on where funds raised on the night will be spent.

The committee has been established under the umbrella of town team Creative Maylands.

“Over dinner, they’ll listen to four-minute pitches from up to four people working on projects that help the local community,” says Creative Maylands member Chris Byrne.

• Catherine Ehrhardt, Chris Byrne, Rebecca Hall, and Sean Chinn mull over some creative ideas over a bowl of soup. Photo supplied


“Everybody then votes for the project they’d like to fund, and the winning project goes home with all the cash raised at the door.”

The winner will return to a future SOUP dinner to give an update as to how their project went.

The idea is modelled on Detroit SOUP in the United States, which raised more than $100,000 for neighbourhood projects over three years.

Vincent council picked up the trend a year ago, and communities over the country have started putting soup on the stove to raise funds for community creatives.

Last year’s Vincent SOUP saw winner Bronwyn Harris walk away with $1170 for her Boomerang Bags Foyer Oxford project. Ms Harris used the funds to make hand-sewn recycled bags for residents and staff at Foyer Oxford to use when they forgot their own reusable ones. They’re asked to bring them back for others when they’ve finished.

“I would average about 150 minimum people having access to the bags per day,” says Ms Harris.

She’s also been hosting sewing bees with the community to make the bags and talk about sustainability.

Mr Byrne says the Maylands event is a great opportunity for people to eat, talk and share resources, and many local businesses have come forwards to donate supplies.

“Maylands SOUP will provide a new way for local people to connect and get behind great ideas that make a difference for their community.”

To get involved head to the Creative Maylands Facebook page and list your project proposal by July 23, or to join in Vincent’s second SOUP night on Tuesday 31 July head to the Vincent Neighbourhood SOUP Eventbrite page.


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