Bawdy bash

SEQUINS will fly and nipple pasties will twirl, boys will be girls and girls will be boys…

No, I’m not talking the upcoming Liberal Party conference, but the final of Miss Burlesque Australia at the Astor Theatre next Saturday (July 28).

Guest performers include Karl Kayoss from Nollamara, who last year won Mr Boylesque Australia, and reigning burlesque queen Willow J.

Mt Lawley comedian Famous Sharon will MC as state finalists strut their stuff on stage.

Burlesque performer Willow J. Photo by Joel Devereux

WA contender Scarlet Adams (Anthony Price) is from Perth and was the first drag queen to win Miss Burlesque WA last year.

“What she brought to the show was fantastic,” says organiser Melanie Piantoni.

“There is always going to be an element of striptease, but it’s not about the end result – it’s how you get there.”

A point proven by Scarlet Adams, who came on stage in the WA final dressed as the Queen, then stripped down to a prosthetic bodysuit with t-bags hanging from her saggy breasts.

• Scarlet Adams. Photo by David Woolley

“People were losing it, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing,” Piantoni says, adding “Burlesque doesn’t have to be glamourous.”

Boylesque, the male version of burlesque, is growing in popularity and last year’s national competition featured plenty of memorable characters.

“We had an entry from a drag king – a woman doing a male character,” Piantoni says.

The annual Miss Burlesque competition has been running since 2008, but this is the first time it will be held in Perth.

Drag queen 

“Because I’m WA based, I was able to bring it to Perth,” Piantoni says.

“A whole bunch of state winners are flying in. Everyone is pretty excited and the calibre is high.”

• Veruca Sour. Photo by David Woolley

This year’s final will include colourful performances from Veruca Sour (Alysha Macri, Mullaoo), Velma Vouloir (Bianca Smith, Victoria), Luna Eclipse (Luna Godfrey, South Australia), Camilla Cream (Kathryn Law, Victoria) and Magnolia Knife (Queensland).

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