Bonzer brekkie

NOTHING is more breakfast to me than a plate stacked high with pancakes.

Well, almost nothing; Sayers Cafe’s buckwheat and buttermilk pancakes with blueberries, honeycomb, lemon mascarpone and hazelnut maple syrup are like pancakes on steroids.

This little hidden cafe has an eclectic feel, with a gorgeous outside eating area that was bustling with early morning breakfast-goers who clearly treat it as one of their favourites.

I was greeted by at least two staff members before I had even made my way to the counter to order and was quickly served.

I took a seat in the outdoor eating area. The outdoor space heater was the perfect touch to combat the brisk morning chill, and before I knew it, my food was ready.

I have never seen any cafe able to dress up a simple stack of pancakes the way Sayers did with their buckwheat creation ($17.50).

It was like a work of art, every blueberry, piece of honeycomb and drizzle of maple syrup artfully arranged on the plate.

To drink I ordered the cold-pressed organic apple, orange, banana, strawberry and maqui juice ($7), which was just divine.

I doubt everyone loves slurping up maple syrup as much as I do, but I felt the pancakes could have done with a slightly more generous drizzle. But the pancakes themselves were light and fluffy, and the crumbled nuts were a fantastic addition giving texture and flavour, while there was a generous serve of blueberries to pack in some extra sweetness.

I got a touch of food envy as a coriander and cumin beans tagine with babaganoush, poached egg and toasted linseed ($16.50) arrived at the table next door, looking like another work of art and smelling like heaven but I was more than happy with my hearty plate of pancakes.

Before I left I had to go back for more juice which was an absolute standout – that and the fantastic presentation which made me feel like a was dining in a luxury restaurant.


Sayers Cafe
224 Carr Place

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