Cool show

THE relationship between environments and identities is the overarching theme of Cool Change Contemporary’s inaugural exhibition in Perth.

CCC is a new artist-run-initiative by seven locals who have experience in “creating visible spaces for early career artists to be exhibiting,” says group member Melissa McGrath.

Despite the “cyclical” nature of artist-run-initiatives around Perth and Australia, Ms McGrath says artists have “a long history of making things happen”.

“The initiative is an exciting opportunity for the Perth community to come together and learn about early year artists.”

The program commences with three solo shows by Eric C and Paul Sutherland from WA, and Oliver Hull from Victoria.

• Members of the new artist-run initiative Cool Change Contemporary. Photo supplied

Emerging artists

In gallery one, through the medium of cyanotype –  a technique that exposes print or textiles to sunlight to create images – Eric C examines how we assert our identity in a space, while being connected to broader groups and environments.

In gallery two, award-winning artist Paul Sutherland will be Keeping Busy, an exhibition that has video, installation and performance elements.

His art focuses on how the digital realm can provoke different feelings of isolation, connectivity and communication.

Oliver Hull’s exhibition in gallery three looks at the “different ways of measuring the weather”, group member Melissa McGrath says.

“Traditionally we measure the weather by looking at things like humidity or temperature,” she says.

But Hull’s show The Gift (meanwhile those who compute the weather should breathe of it freely), utilises non-traditional elements like plants to gain a more holistic awareness of weather.

The solo exhibitions run August 3-25 at the Bon Marche Building, 74-84 Barrack Street, in Perth’s CBD.

Following the inaugural exhibition, the group will be showcasing emerging artists on a monthly basis.


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