Got toenail issues?

Onychomycosis (try saying that three times fast!) is a fungal infection that accounts for half of all nail disorders and can be uncomfortable and unattractive. Hexima Ltd is developing a new treatment for onychomycosis and is looking for volunteers with onychomycosis who are otherwise healthy to participate in a clinical trial.

The study drug, HXP124, is a naturally occurring plant protein that has strong antifungal properties. HXP124 has been formulated as a topical solution that, once applied, rapidly penetrates the nail to reach the site of infection and kills the fungal disease. The study drug (or placebo) will be applied by brushing onto all 10 toenails once a day for 42 days. You will be shown how to apply the treatment on Day 1 and will perform subsequent applications yourself at home after bathing and drying your toes.

The study is being conducted at Linear Clinical Research in Perth. To find out more, register your interest at

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