Rock art protest

PROTESTORS were planning a big demonstration alongside the Eliza statue in Crawley yesterday (Friday August 3) to highlight risks to internationally important Aboriginal rock art on the Burrup Peninsula.

This time around Eliza’s sculptors Tony and Ben Jones are driving the demonstration and dress-up, which coincides with a forum on the Burrup that will bring in international experts looking at how to speed up world heritage listing.

The 50,000-year-old hieroglyphs, which contain the earliest depiction of the human face on the planet, are being increasingly crowded by industrial plants, including a fertiliser factory and liquid natural gas refinery.

Experts have warned that acidic emissions from the industry are damaging the irreplaceable art, but the WA government is planning to allow three more industrial projects to go ahead.

Mr Jones has recently worked on an unrelated protest with former federal Fremantle MP Melissa Parke, who suggested he take up the Burrup cause this time around as she’s patron of a scientific organisation that’s taken an interest.

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