LETTERS 18.8.18

Speed trial put to the test
IN last week’s Voice letters, Tom Goode requested that I provide information on whether Vincent council’s proposed 40kmh trial on residential streets in the southern neighbourhoods of Vincent is supported by any evidence and how the outcomes will be measured.
We do know that current research shows lowering of speed limits by 10kmh significantly reduces the risk of serious or fatal injury to a pedestrian (60 per cent chance at 50kmh to 25 per cent at 40kmh).
The Heart Foundation also reports that speed reduction schemes improve people’s perception of safety and increase regular physical activity.
The proposed trial is currently being advertised for community comment. Should the trial proceed, we would like to build on this existing research in a local context.
Vincent council and the office of road safety would do this in partnership.
Iain Cameron, acting road safety commissioner, has committed to funding an independent assessment of the trial by the Monash university accident research centre, a world leader in research.
Together we would also establish a cross-agency reference group with other key stakeholders, such as main roads WA, department of transport and WA police.
Whilst the finer details will not be finalised until we have tested community support, I can assure the community that the trial would be independently and comprehensively assessed.
The results would be shared with our community and the data collected would contribute to understanding the impact of lower speed limits on residential streets in Vincent and the broader metropolitan area.
Emma Cole
Vincent mayor

One response to “LETTERS 18.8.18

  1. Great publicity for new bar wanting to move into Beaufort Street. Forget about having to supply and pay for parking like every other business had to. Vincent Council have now realised they need to get people back into Beaufort Street not divert them to Leederville or North Perth.
    Since the demise of the Beaufort Street Festival, caused primarily by the greedy organisations that were trying to run it, the street has not been the same.

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