Subi theonomy?

A PERTH councillor’s attempt last year to make colleagues sign statutory declarations swearing they weren’t leaking secrets to the media has been trumped by Subiaco’s mayor, who’s turned to God as an enforcer.

The Post Newspaper reported this week that Penny Taylor brought a bible to the last council meeting and asked her councillors to swear they hadn’t fed the paper information.

She had some success, with one councillor spotted with their hand on the bible swearing it wasn’t them. Ms Taylor had also set up a table with a JP.

It mirrors a move by Perth councillor Judy McEvoy, who last year tried to get colleagues to sign statutory declarations stating they hadn’t leaked information about the CEO’s contract to the media.

Cr McEvoy’s move was backed by lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi who wanted an end to the leaks, but then-premier elect Mark McGowan called it “unacceptable behaviour”.

Post journo Lloyd Gorman asked Mr Taylor if she thought her actions were similar to Cr McEvoy’s.

“This is absolutely nothing like that,” she told The Post.

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