LETTERS 25.8.18

A simple solution
VINCENT mayor Emma Cole has provided two “facts” in defence of the city’s plan to spend ratepayers’ money on a supposed trial of lower speed limits.
The first was the well-used and accurate research on the relationship between speed and damage on impact.
This is typical road safety muddled thinking. Not only does it lead to a nonsensical conclusion that if we all stayed perfectly still then no damage would occur, but it diverts attention away from the essence of the problem – to avoid impacts.
The second argument implied that ratepayers were not walking enough because they were too fearful to venture outside because traffic was too fast. I suspect the weather is a greater determinant.
There is a simple solution to this debate: Vincent council provide a statistical summary of traffic incidents in the area of the proposed trial over the last five years.
As all accidents involving personal injury or damage over $3000 are reportable, this data would be readily available.
This would inform the debate and if the city provides an estimated cost of the proposed trial, ratepayers and the council might be able to make an informed decision on the matter.
Tom Goode
Harold Street, Mount Lawley

Too many regulations
IT has become very apparent local councils relish in regulating their ratepayers and I feel we are drowning in over-regulation.
The proposed 40kmh trial in Vincent’s south was estimated to cost $150,000 for the installation of 40kmh signage.
That was in 2016 as stated on the council’s website. What additional costs will there be two years on? How much will it cost for the monitoring by Monash University and the potential removal of signage on completion?
I don’t accept speeding is acceptable and object to those drivers that rat run, and in some cases drive in excess of 80kmh down my small side street usually late at night.
Over-speeding is the main issue on the whole, not the council’s ideology of dictating and enforcing a lower speed. Rat running will not change until it is addressed seriously and comprehensively; not tacked on to justify a trial.
When did 50kmh become so evil? I’m sure many residents don’t do 50kmh to get to their homes.
The City of Vincent should concentrate on managing their current obligations far better, before they over-reach their role within our community. Trying to be every thing to every one.
Install timed pedestrian crossings where you know there are issues.
Install red light cameras where you know there are issues.
Fix council-created parking issues on footpaths due to one-way street initiatives that are enforced piecemeal.
Enforce existing 40kmh school limits that you know are being flaunted daily. Stop excessive speeding on arterial roads.
Stop illegal use of bus lanes in peak hour on arterial roads.
Employ more rangers.
The “active and connected community” is alive and well in areas like Hyde Park, the Beaufort street strip and Oxford Street.
An additional $150,000 or more would be better spent on these areas.
Gavin Hicks
Bulwer Avenue, Perth

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