All lined up to support women 

A GROUP of local line dancers have collected scores of bras to send abroad to countries where they’re unobtainable.

Bras are highly sought after in some nations, particularly in humid climates where they help prevent rashes, fungal infections and abscesses caused by chafing under the breasts.

But in countries like the Solomon Islands they’re difficult to find.

Some second-hand shops occasionally have them, but otherwise they have to buy them from Chinese Trade Stores, whose bras are usually not big enough for the well-endowed islanders.

Maternity bras are impossible to find, despite being an important accessory for nursing mums who otherwise end up with milk-spotted shirts.

Pauline Walshe runs her Scooters Modern Line Dance Company out of the Loftus Centre in Leederville and when they’re not yeehaing, her 70 members like to help out charities.

• Pauline Walshe and Scooters Modern Line Dancers pick a new charity to support each month. Photo by Steve Grant

Busty August

“If you can reach out to a lot of people you might as well make the most of it,” Ms Walshe says.

The bootscooters’ fundraiser for this month is “Busty August”, and so far they’ve collected 89 bras to donate to the charity Upliftbras.

Upliftbras only sends bras where they’re requested and makes sure not to compete with local businesses.

In July Scooters ran a bingo fundraiser, and with the Loftus Rec Centre waiving the venue hire they collected $1000 for the Belgravia Foundation, which helps people with disabilities play sport.

Ms Walshe says this month they’re going to do “Spectacle September,” collecting second-hand specs for the Mobile Eye Camp to send to Northern Laos and Sri Lanka.

She’s already got an idea for the next one: “Knitted Knockers for October!”—which involves knitting prosthetic breasts to insert into bras for people who’ve had mastectomies.

If you happen to have a few old bras lying around, has a list of drop-off points.


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