LETTERS 1.9.18

A trial of words
WE are writing in response to recent letters from Tom Goode and Gavin Hicks who oppose the 40kmh trial in Vincent’s south.
We fully support the city of Vincent’s trial and hope to see 40kmh speed limits introduced for all side streets in the future.
Prior to the introduction of 40kmh school zones, parents and staff at Highgate primary school lobbied to reduce speeding in the area after several very serious accidents involving cars hitting young students.
At that time, Main Roads presented statistics but these statistics did not include near misses and there were many of them.
If 40kmh is introduced consistently in side streets across the metropolitan area, motorists will adapt.
Reduced speeds will create a safer environment for residents including pedestrians – particularly older people and young children – cyclists and motorists.
The signage would remain and the $150,000 would have been well spent.
We believe that whilst the installation of pedestrian signals and red-light cameras may be necessary on main roads; they are very expensive.
Reducing the speed on side streets could mitigate the need for these. We walk, use public transport, cycle and drive and think that the city of Vincent’s initiative is wonderful.
Everyone wins.
Bill and Anne Bate
Loftus Street, Leederville

Where’s plan A?
REGARDING the non- implementation of the 2007 Beatty Park leisure centre conservation plan.
I heard some months ago that the City of Vincent was preparing a Beatty Park conservation management and interpretation plan, which would provide general actions on items of significance.
For those who are not aware, Beatty Park is heritage listed.
Why was the 2007 conservation plan not fully implemented?
Why has this important heritage facility been allowed to run down and deteriorate?
Why have so many of the recommendations of the 2007 plan been ignored?
Why is the city spending even more money on a new plan, when a conservation plan already exists?
One point in particular: There was to be no parking outside the original entrance – which was to be restored to its original state – so it could be appreciated from the street. This did not happen.
Hope Alexander
Cleaver Street, Leederville

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