Not stacked up neatly

CAR stackers are meant to be the future of parking, but locals aren’t keen on having two built on Lord Street saying they’re too big and ugly.

The Fabcar caryard at 266 Lord Street applied to Vincent council to build two car stackers, one like a big ferris wheel (14.4m high) and the other like an elevator that collects cars from ground level and places them in the 22m stacker.

The stackers are intended to save space compared to a sprawling carpark – they could fit 30 cars in the same footprint as four parked on the ground.

But a lot of Lord Street locals don’t want to live near one. Fifty people put in submissions opposing it, and just six were in favour.

One submission called the stackers “ugly,” which council planners translated into bureaucratese as having “a detrimental impact on the amenity of the adjoining properties and streetscape” .

Councillors agreed and rejected the application.

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