Creative protest

• Protestors from a previous endangered species protest laid out in the shape of a red-tailed black cockatoo. Photo by Miles Tweedie Photography.

ENVIRONMENTAL activists will form the shape of a giant red-tailed black cockatoo and a numbat for a 30-minute protest at Yagan Square this Friday (September 7).

The Perth protest is part of national threatened species day, and activist Paddy Cullen says more animals have become extinct in Australia than any other country over the last century as vital forests and wetlands are destroyed.

“We lose an area the size of the MCG every three minutes, just cut down and destroyed,” Mr Cullen says.

“We are looking for a monster intervention; because at the moment everything seems to be getting bulldozed at an alarming rate.

“This is about using people power to demonstrate and save threatened species.”

Last weekend protestors flocked to Yagan Square and the Environmental Protection Authority office in St Georges Terrace to make a human “kaarak” – a red-tailed back cockatoo.

After the colourful display, the EPA agreed to an environmental review of Kenwick’s Greater Brixton Street Wetlands, which is one of Perth’s most bio-diverse sites and home to the endangered cockatoo.

But Mr Cullen says the wetlands are still at risk and the assessment won’t cover all areas.

The site is being rezoned for industrial development, with eight hectares of Marri trees – a vital food source for red-tailed black cockatoos – already destroyed.

Events are being held across the country this Friday to raise awareness of threatened species, with the WA Forest Alliance, The Wilderness Society and The Conservation Council of Australia leading the charge in Perth.

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