CHATFIELD is off to Europe for a few weeks so no new toons in the meantime.

It’ll be a welcome reprieve from the roasting he’s copped in the last month after a horde of critics decided one of the cartoons he’d had printed in The New Yorker was “sexist”.

The toon depicts two people entering two different gyms, one gym labelled “actual exercise” and the other labelled “sit on equipment and stare on your phone”.

Drawing a woman entering the “phone gym” saw him face a flood of criticism (even though in the background there were women working out in the regular gym and blokes reading their phone in the phoney gym).

Good thing his sensitive American audience never saw some of the saucier toons he got printed in the Voice back during Nick Catania’s days as Vincent mayor.

You can read about his sexism saga and view the toon for yourself at

Opportunity missed
THE Mount Lawley Society was founded in October 1977 to save the Perth College playing fields from being sold by the college to Multiplex.
Today, that land is the wonderful Copley Park on the corner of Regent Street West and Beaufort Street.
Forty one years later the society continues to exist with the aim of fostering a community spirit, with a focus on the retention of the older buildings and townscapes, protection of the limited open space and to research and publicise the history of Inglewood, Menora and Mt Lawley.
Accordingly, when a circa five-metre wide strip of land behind the Astor Theatre reserved for road widening was proposed to be sold by Stirling council to the adjoining landowner, the society again stood up to defend public spaces (“Curtain call for public space?”, Voice, August 11, 2018).
The society was not opposed to a redevelopment of the adjoining land but believed council needed to maintain a significant portion, if not all, of the setback it owned to allow for vibrant, alfresco dining and public green space for trees and seating.
The society also had legitimate concerns about the sale of the land below market value, the loss of two shady trees on public land, the loss of 15 car bays on public and the live venue status of the Astor Theatre.
We were also concerned the possibility of fuel tanks from the theatre’s previous use as service station not having been removed because of the presence of vents on the land to be sold.
Unfortunately on August 21 this year, council voted to sell all the land.
We believe council missed a magical opportunity to create a vibrant alfresco, street dining and green space feature behind the Astor Theatre. Think Mary Street, Highgate.
It was concerning to the society that no local Inglewood or Lawley ward councillor, with whom we all met on site, felt strongly enough to move, request or recommend a change to the boundary of the land to be sold.
Paul Collins
Mount Lawley Society president

Got the hump
ONE of the consequences of Vincent council’s trial of lower vehicle speed limits has been the ubiquitous use of speed humps in many streets.
There is no doubt that Vincent is now the speed hump capital of Perth. “Hump-in-Vincent” has a nice ring about it.
Never have more speed humps been installed in ridiculously huge numbers, all in the quest of reducing speed or redirecting traffic.
There is the pertinent question of why should a very small percentage of road users who do the wrong thing by speeding down an urban street, ultimately control what the 99.9 per cent of other law abiding citizens do and have to put up with?
Is this about a local government sorting out our streets or merely allowing a small minority to dictate the terms of how we navigate our way through our own community?
Most of the speeders don’t even live in the local neighbourhood, but speed through and leave their crappy consequences behind. And our council gets sucked into it.
Do away with the hump heaven and allow us to move about freely. And trust in us to do the right thing.
Colin Scott
Deague Ct, North Perth

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