Booze barn win

IT’S over.

After a five-year saga the WA Liquor Commission has refused to grant a liquor licence for a 1250sqm Dan Murphy’s at the Peninsula Taver.

Woolies argued the liquor barn would cater to Maylands’ needs, but it faced a chorus of opposition from Bayswater council, community groups and Maylands MP Lisa Baker.

Opposition dates back to 2013 when the council first knocked back planning approval.

Appeals and legal manoeuvring followed and the development assessment panel overruled the council’s wishes, granting planning approval.

But the lack of a liquor licence kills the plan.


Commission chair Seamus Rafferty was in favour of the Dan Murphy’s, but was outvoted by his two colleagues, who said the proposal risked increasing alcohol-related harm in the area.

Ms Baker called it a “long, hard battle fought by the passionate community of Maylands”.

She said community sentiment had been overwhelmingly opposed to it.

“Through the whole of this fight I have had very few people, maybe a dozen, contact me to say they think it is a great idea.”

That is up against about 1000 who’ve opposed it.

Bayswater council has since attempted to tighten up its rules to prevent big liquor barns opening in residential areas.


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