Black cats good luck in the witching hour

Black cats good luck in the witching hour

CAT BUSES should run at night to make the city more lively, says Perth Labor MP John Carey.

Speaking in parliament, he called for a “Black CAT” service that would encourage more people to visit small bars, restaurants and cafes in the city after dark.

“At the moment, CAT services in part stop at 6pm and people would like the services to be extended,” he said.

“If someone is in East Perth and they want to go into the city or vice versa, they could use the black CAT service to go to a restaurant and use it to get back.”

Last year he held a Perth City Summit, asking business owners and residents what could be done to improve the city.

“One of the most popular recommendations… was the desire for a night-time or black CAT service,” Mr Carey recalls.

WA transport minister Rita Saffioti responded in parliament saying the black CAT was “not only a very good name, but also a very good idea.

“That, of course, will help to continually activate and let people move safely around the city at night-time.”

Mr Carey called for a review of the whole CAT service; suggesting a rejig of the Blue CAT circuit which takes people North/South from the Barrack Street Jetty to Northbridge.

“Now we have Yagan Square and the pedestrian connection, does it make sense to have a Blue CAT service connecting them anymore?

“Could we use the funds from that service to extend it, create a new service or create a black CAT service?”


One response to “Black cats good luck in the witching hour

  1. While Mr Carey may be correct in suggesting that Cat buses need a review but starting a new Cat service is going to cost City of Perth rate payers and tax payers a fair bit of money.

    The problem seems to be lack of bus service East Perth area and that can easily be achieved by re-routing Bassendeen & Mayland route services thru East Perth area after 7pm, as it used to be few years ago.
    As Claisebrook and East Perth fall under free transit zone customers don’t have to pay a cent to travel on these buses.

    Thought the idea of Cat bus sounds good but Cat service may bring with it fair bit of problem.In past years crime rate in East Perth has gone up and that is due to undesirables coming into the area breaking into cars and houses.
    Whilst in normal Transperth service these characters won’t get in bus because they have to go past the bus driver,in Cat buses they get in from back doors,go to the back off the bus doing what shouldn’t be allowed.You don’t really want these characters traveling thru your suburb late in the night.

    As for spending the dollar wisely Blue Cat service can be re routes to connect the new stadium, new children’s hospital,the point,Fraisers island,casino etc and you will see the numbers rise rapidly.

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