Choo choo chew

IT’S Scotto to locals, not to be confused with new prime minister Scomo, who’d be lucky to be around as long as the Flying Scotsman, or even as long as it takes the chefs to whip up a great meal if our revolving-door politics continues.

This dark old-style pub in Mt Lawley has a lively mix of punters, including out-of-towners like the D’Angers, old codgers nursing a beer as they gaze forlornly out the door, hipsters, and young bogans with lycra stretched thinly over bulging thighs.

Two pink-faced pommy tourists, in matching white tracksuits and white runners, were tucking into a couple of steaks in the alfresco as we walked up.

Nonplussed at being approached by strangers, they reckoned the steak was “nice”, even “good” at certain points.

Further probing found it was also tender and cooked to medium- rare perfection; the centre blood red with a thin line of seared flesh on the edges. Yum.

Further interrogation of random diners found the Scotto burger ($18) was “really good” and made with an in-house wagyu beef patty.

We kicked off by sharing a wild mushroom arancini ($16), which was dense and delicious with a smoky flavour.

Next up was a “sweet and nutty” mushroom burger ($17) for Dave.

“Like the Beatles said, ‘Mushroom fields forever’,” joked D’Angerous as he tucked in with gusto.

He was so impressed with the flavour and crunchiness of the mushroom’s crumbed coating he wandered over to the open kitchen to find out more.

“They bake the mushroom first,” he reported back. “Then dust it with cornflour and herbs, then add the breadcrumbs.”

I had the escalivada ($18): a vegetable stack that was more spread than stack.

The tasty, oily and garlicky sauce was a great foil for the, wonderfully crunchy beans and the capsicum, potato cubes and tomato. Scotto really does fly when it comes to good pub grub.


The Flying Scotsman
639 Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley

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