AFTER receiving a petition from locals, Stirling council is removing parking meters on the Mount Lawley stretch of Beaufort Street – less than three months after they were installed.

The council voted to bring in paid parking in March this year in line with a recommendation from their staff, with only councillor Elizabeth Re voting against it.

The machines were installed at 680 Beaufort Street and Field Street parks at the start of July, charging $2 an hour, and letters to the editor complaining about them came not long after.

In August nearby real estate agent Stuart Irving described the rollout as “incompetent to the highest degree”. He said the empty spaces would “indicate that the meters and lack of signage are doing their job of…driving people away from the area”.

• Joe Ferrante and Suzanne Migdale get ready to knock these meters out. Photo

The first hour is free, but it wasn’t well advertised in the first six or so weeks, so people would drive past (down the road at Vincent council’s carparks they have huge signs promoting the first free hour).

More than 300 people signed a petition calling for the council to remove the meters on Beaufort and Field Streets.

“Since the introduction of paid parking, many residents and businesses have been impacted with less business patronage and night parking in front of residential homes.”

They delivered the petition to councillor Joe Ferrante, who moved that the city scrap the meters at the September 18 council meeting. It’ll cost between $3000 and $5000 to remove them. His motion read: “Businesses and consumers are facing an incredible amount of economic hardship and paid parking is adding to the burden.

“In review, the time is not right…”


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