Letters 6.10.18

Bad drivers aren’t shot
I’VE just read Stirling council is applying for permission to dispose of swooping magpies by firearm.
Every year at nesting time we have this problem. It’s been going on for a very long time given that Magpies, like all parents, want to protect their young.
I recently read that four sharks had been shot for causing injuries to swimmers.
It seems to me that when animals hurt people the animals are destroyed; yet it is us venturing into their territory without due caution.
Is it so hard for people to learn to respect the behaviour of wildlife and therefore live in harmony with it.
Or do we as a species have trouble learning and adapting.
Must we kill everything that we find difficult to accept and live with.
About 17 folk have been killed by sharks during the last 18 years: that’s an average of one fatality per year, and mostly occurs when we venture into their breeding zones and migratory pathways.
At the same time, hundreds of people are killed every year on the roads due to reckless and dangerous driving, caused by the use of mobiles, alcohol and drugs.
Yet I’ve never read of anyone demanding the culling or shooting of offending drivers.
It seems to me we have a serious case of bias and disproportionate morality.
If with sharks and magpies we can’t use our intelligence to behave appropriately in their territory, surely the responsibility is up to us to simply do the right thing. People acting with intelligence is the answer; not using firing squads on wildlife.
Richard Playle
Mt Lawley

Testing times
THE “School Crisis Meeting” story in the Voice (September 15, 2018) has brought the focus on NAPLAN testing in North Perth Primary School.
I wonder how many readers, who do not have school-age children, know that from year three kids are taught Australia is a democracy in the citizenship and civics course, and NAPLAN-tested on this from year five.
That is fine if we were actually a democracy; but we are not.
A democracy simply does not have a monarch and prelate, the queen, as head-of-state by undemocratic royal succession.
Monarchy and democracy are absolutes in themselves, like virginity, so a monarchy cannot be a democracy in whole or in part.
We are a constitutional monarchy with parliamentary representation and not parliamentary democracy or representative democracy.
The false claim we are a democracy is a monumental confidence trick, which is targeting our most vulnerable and must cease.
Gordon Westwood
Coode Street, Maylands

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